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I just about died when I completely coincidentally came across this post on someone’s Tumblr account today (I was actually looking for good images of Einherjar from both Thor movies, you know, for the writing thing).

Thor fights the Einherjar while Loki is stuck standing there.

Watch. Watch again. Repeat.

It’s a good scene because…Thor and Loki are in it, duh, and because it gives us a little more characterization insight into them. I won’t say more in case you haven’t clicked on the link and watched yet.

WHYYYYYYYY wasn’t this on my disk? And why did I not somehow otherwise know about it? Does anyone know of any other deleted scenes available? Sadly I haven’t a clue how Tumblr operates to be able to ask the person who posted it. Maybe someone else can ask (and tell me????). So happy and stunned to have seen this tonight. So UNhappy it’s not on my disk. And suspecting Marvel has a plan to try to force us to buy 500 versions of these movies so we get all the extras. Like what they did with the massive box set of all the movies, half of which I already own, the other half of which I don’t want to own, but that have those couple of extra Loki deleted scenes from Avengers. I would desperately love to have those deleted scenes at my perusal on my big-screen TV…but not desperately enough to drop a hundred or couple hundred bucks or whatever it was, for bunches of disks of which I only want a couple of minutes’ worth of total. Besides the financially unwise aspect, what a consumerist waste.


This site has the video, too, with some nice stills.

AND, search “Jane wakes up on Asgard” for another AWESOME deleted scene (here’s one link), this time showing something I know I wanted to see in the movie, a glimpse of Jane being amazed at Asgard. Has me very excited right now for Reasons. Ha. And it has a touch of the “fish out of water” thing of Jane not getting something, like Thor and his mug-smashing or trying to get something to ride at the pet store, and the fact that we entirely missed any “fish out of water” scenes for Jane in the movie is something I was just thinking about I think yesterday. So very cool. The scene is utterly delightful, in my opinion.


Apparently this is some new “streaming content” thing Disney wants you to get. Argh. I actually set up a basically fake e-mail address to register on the Disney site to see it there. No way am I handing them my actual e-mail address to add to their marketing plan. (If you want to check out the Disney site, here it is.)