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I have so many tabs open with things I want to post here and never have time. This one’s been open for at least half a year!

Sydney Morning Herald interview with Tom Hiddleston from I think Oct. 8, 2013 (or whatever 8/10/13 means in Australia! I suspect it’s like the UK, not the US.). In this interview, Tom says Deep Things about his character. In other words…this is an interview with Tom Hiddleston.  😉

Here are the quotes that grabbed me most:

[Q from the interviewer] [It’s amazing that…] “you can be genocidal and still be like, yeah, I’d take him home to Mom.”

What a train wreck, if this were real life, but…it is true! (At least that we fans tend to feel that way, that hey, there’s a heart of gold underneath there!)

[All the following from Hiddleston:]

“I like him [Loki] so much.” (And you can hear it in his voice that he means it.)

“The history with him [Chris Hemworth/Thor] is really meaty and chewy. […] They are such perfect opposites, in a way. Thor is noble and clear-minded and heroic in a very old-school silhouette, and Loki is fickle and malleable and Machiavellian, so the two of us together, the dynamic is always really fun to play those scenes.” (It shows, doesn’t it?)

“I’ve spoken to older women who love the delicacy of his emotional palate, he’s actually quite vulnerable and heart-broken, and they find that interesting.”

Tom, I have one follow-up question for you here: WHO ARE YOU CALLING OLD??!!!!

“Loki is forced to do a lot of soul-searching. And he hits a particular…he hits rock bottom, and after that is forced to…reconsider his options…that are actually quite profound.”

Ah, sigh. I read things like this and I think…(1) Wow. (2) Yeah. (3) Tom, come over to my place and watch the movies with me and talk about Loki with me and answer all my questions for hours and hours and hours on end? (4) Gotta go write some fanfiction.