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Wow, Marvel is really giving up the goods! While it’s exciting, part of me’s beginning to think, guys, save something for the DVD! I still want some surprises and new things when I bring that thing home. A lot of what they’ve shown seems to not be the full special feature, so I’m hoping for example the bloopers…well, that there’s more of them! And I’ll wait to watch them many times when I do so with a pause button and frame-by-frame advance.

So first up is a deleted (extended) scene with Volstagg, and with a bit more of his kids, and with Thor and Fandral. They could afford to lose it when you’re battling for time, but it’s a really great scene, I really enjoyed it, for the greater insight into Volstagg and his family, for the clear sense of deep and old friendship between these men, and for the clear sense of Thor’s maturity as well as a sort of sadness that comes with that maturity and responsibility and the knowledge that he’s separated from the woman he loves (after a couple days of hanging out with her, but, you know, we won’t get into that here).

Next up is bloopers! They go by fast and involve some crazy wire work oopsies I’ll look forward to watching in the slo-mo. (I’m surprised Hiddleston wasn’t tossing his cookies after one of them.) But the funniest to me on first viewing was a Mjolnir-oopsie Thor has. Hemsworth looks like he’s having fun in this movie, at least from how he looks like he’s having fun in the bloopers!