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So this is me trying to catch up on posting some stuff on here I’ve meant to…all text here is TDW spoiler-free, however not all links are! I’ll note which ones are/aren’t, bearing in mind there are still pockets of the globe where TDW has not yet premiered.

Hiddleston as Thor: I don’t know why this one is titled “Go Inside Loki’s Mind” — this Loki-obsessed fanfic writer got uber-excited over that one. but no. It’s not what it seems. What it is is awesome though. See short clips of Tom Hiddleston auditioning to play Thor! And hear franchise personalities discuss Hiddleston and Loki. This is a snippet of a special feature on the Blu-Ray. This website has the same thing, but with gifs of the short clips of Hiddleston as Thor, if you’re into gifs. Really, it’s quite wacky to see, now that of course the actors are so entrenched in my mind in the roles they wound up with. Clips are spoiler-free.

Hiddleston Plays the Cameo Role: The wackiness continues with seeing Hiddleston-as-Loki playing the cameo role instead of the cameo actor. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. Truly, truly bizarre. Watch here. Clip has spoilers.

Frigga and Thor talk: A nice deleted scene between Thor and Frigga, largely about Loki. This scene follows one in which Frigga talks with Loki. Watch here. Clip has no real spoilers, but if you’re a purist don’t watch it yet.

And here’s the bonuses! The following are not special feature content, but just other fun stuff I’ve come across recently.

Word association with Hiddleston: Well, this is rather silly, but still fun. My faves: “green and gold,” and “glorious purpose.” Watch here. Clip is spoiler-free.

Loki with the kids on Comedy Central: At the time I only saw the one where Loki pushes the little girl (hilarious). I didn’t know there were several of these! This YouTube clip captures what I presume to be all of them. Good stuff! The “picture association” and the whole “do any of you have a brother?” bit I found the funniest. Clip is spoiler-free.