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There are a ton of versions of this video floating around out there. (You know the one.) Here are the ones that stood out to me (probably everybody’s got their faves) and why, along with some choice interviews on the Comic-Con appearance:

1a. Two versions are on this article from www.justjared.com. I like the first one because it includes the very beginning, the lights going out and Hiddleston kicking it off with the whole “Humanity…” bit, in the dark, when the audience must have been assuming it was a recording, and super excited just for that. And then you wonder, how many seconds did it take before it really clicked…THAT IS REALLY TOM HIDDLESTON, IN HIS LOKI GET-UP!!! This one cuts off with “Say my naaaaaaame!” And it cuts out a *lot* of lines.

1b. The second one has much worse video quality, but gives you a better sense of audience reaction. You get all the lines, but not the very beginning (because the fans didn’t know what was coming!). It ends with the end, “Feast your eyes!” And then, I don’t know how these “Comic-Con” things go, but I’m guessing they must have threatened to saw off three limbs without anesthetic if people took video of the footage shown on the screen, because I at least never saw any video that included that.

2. This one on ComicBookMovie.com is another audience-filmed one that misses the beginning, but has a little better video than 1b, and also the audience reaction. Pick up from about 1:50 and watch Hiddles break as a dude shouts out “My wife loves you!” Whoever you are, sir, suspect you made your wife very happy. It ends also with “Feast your eyes!” On this page also is someone’s description of the footage shown there…what the audience feasted their eyes on. It includes that bit where others have said it looks like Loki cuts off Thor’s hand:

There’s a final shot of Thor on the ground, hurt, with Loki standing over him. He kicks Thor directly in the face. Thor reaches for his hammer, but Loki kicks his hand away.

(So, this doesn’t say “hand cut off,” but seems to clearly refer to this supposed moment.) The description is worth a read as it seems there’s a few bits not included in the trailer.

3. This article from Empire has a nice photo, all of Loki’s lines from the appearance in text, and another description of the footage, slightly different from the one above. Here’s the bit about the hand:

And shockingly, as Thor is knocked to his knees before his enemies and reaches out his hand to summon Mjolnir, Loki’s blade comes down and seemed, just before the footage ended, to sever his brother’s hand. Shock!

4. In this interview afterward on MTV, Hiddleston mentions Wendy, quotes his mom (“It was a hoot.”), and talks about how it came about. He says he didn’t want to break character, and didn’t want it to come off as him sending himself up (parodying himself, I presume he means, and isn’t that awesome! because I think we Loki fans, most of us anyway, also love the integrity of character that Hiddles brings to Loki…and I’m not sure what I’d think of him doing a parody…well, I’m sure he’d do it wonderfully and I’d love it actually, but I admire him for treating his character with such respect), and, of course, talks a bit about Loki in The Dark World. He says “there are whole new games that he plays.” And he says Loki’s role is “to stand at this liminal point between order and chaos.” Yes, boys and girls, he said that. He’s Tom Hiddleston. “Liminal,” look it up. The spell-check on here doesn’t even believe it’s a word. Some more quotes:

Every time he will push the envelope, he will try something on, he will do something for his own benefit, advantage. He will test people, he will test himself, he will create, you know, wicked treachery wherever he goes.

Random musing: Why do interviewers all hug him? I find this very weird. I don’t hug people when I interact with them at work. I think I would probably get in trouble for that.

5. In this later Disney event appearance reflecting back on the SDCC event, Tom says, “I expected there to be some, maybe some people…” Oh come now, Tom, really? “Some” people? But if you want to know what he was thinking as this was going down, he tells you here! Go back and watch 1a, and think about the fact that he actually said that “Humanity” line twice before…but his mike wasn’t working! And then he says he was wondering what the audience was thinking, did they think it was a recording or did they know it was live. Of when the lights came up, he said, “I’ve never experienced anything like it, it was like walking into a wall of sound.”

On “what was Loki reading in that cell” (my contribution to that on Twitter BTW was Turgenev’s “Fathers and Sons”), he said he’d thought about it (duh), and had decided he’d…

…thought it would be nice if Frigga had put some edifying reading in there, and maybe she was trying to encourage Loki to spend his time learning new things. And in our thinking, Rene Russo and I always, from the very first film, part of the back story we created was that Frigga was really the most attentive to Loki when he was a child, and Odin didn’t really know how to connect, he connected much more with Thor, they were sort of, you know, cut from the same cloth, and Frigga and Loki had a kind of beautiful, sensitive, more artistic relationship, and it was actually her who taught him all his magic, and we thought that maybe he could be reading some sort of…deeper into the science of some new, basically some new magic. Because in some iterations of the mythology, Loki is not just the god of mischief, he’s also the god of magic, and as the trickster he has lots of different tricks up his sleeve…which maybe you’ll get to see in the film itself.

Wow. Can I please have him for a few days and pick his brains on Loki’s back story??? Fanfiction writers and similarly obsessed fans, take note. Actually as a fanfic writer myself this made me very happy. Although I don’t go with Frigga teaching him magic, at least for the most part (probably because I read it in some other story and as usual didn’t want to repeat), everything else in there I have gone with. Especially actually what he said about Odin, I was very happy to see how he put that, not that Odin didn’t love him, but that Odin didn’t know how to connect with him, whereas he did with Thor. Yeah. Thanks, Mr. Hiddleston, thank you very much.  😉 And normally such things, these back story things, really wouldn’t matter so much, but Hiddleston works those things into his performance, you can really feel them there.

Also of note here, he pronounces Frigga “Freega,” which I haven’t been doing. Hm. I hope I haven’t been saying her name wrong all this time. We never heard it said aloud in Thor, I don’t think.