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I’m finally getting back to posting some things here. I still have every intent of finishing out the scene notes, they’re still on my blue notecards. In the meantime, I’m posting some interviews and articles that stood out to me related to Thor, Avengers, or Thor: The Dark World.

In this November 2012 interview, Chris Hemworth talks about when Matt Damon pointed out to him that his ability to have realistic expectations for box office success have kind of been destroyed by the runaway success of The Avengers.

As I’ve read in other places as well, he also talks about how he and Tom Hiddleston were on the same page more or less, career-wise, in terms of how big this move was for both of them, both already having a resume but neither having been in this kind of Hollywood blockbuster-type film, much less with the franchise deal and so forth. There’s this particularly nice quote:

Some of the stuff I look most forward to are my scenes with Tom.

And as for unrealistically high expectations…uh, yeah, Chris, all of us Thor and Loki fans through Thor and Avengers, yeah, we hear you. I can’t wait for The Dark World and at the same time am so afraid it can’t possibly live up to my expectations.