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Tom Hiddleston/Loki fans, you MUST watch this video interview about Thor 2 on Digital Spy. It’s the most substantive thing I’ve seen him (or anyone) say on the movie. I think twice in the interview he says out loud that he’s working hard to make sure he doesn’t say things he’s not allowed to. But he still gives you a lot to think about…as he always does.

Within one moment, within one scene, within one hour, within one day, Loki can do these huge 180 degree turns, where he can be enjoying himself, and completely in control, and then the next moment he’s completely lost control, and the truth of his broken heart is plain for all to see.

This was perhaps my favorite little tidbit, along with what seems to be pretty clear indication that Thor 2 picks up right where Avengers left off. Yay! Can’t wait to see everyone’s reaction to what Loki did, and what Loki himself thinks about it all. I just hope the movie takes the time to give us those moments. But what I like about this clip is what I choose to believe based on it, that Loki will perhaps be fighting alongside Thor again in this…but still capable of turning on the “good guys” in a heartbeat as well. In other words, lots of complexity.