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Here’s another recent interview with Tom Hiddleston that gets into Thor 2, on GQ.com.

In this one, he notes that he and Chris Hemsworth were involved in creative conversations about the direction of the movie…let’s hope that bodes well!

Going into this one we were – very flatteringly – involved in big creative conversations about tone, and story. Thor and Loki are these two characters that people know and love and understand – so we have to take this in the right direction. You want to do something new – you don’t want to re-heat the same recipe in the microwave, you want to cook up something different and exciting – but you don’t want to lose the things that worked the first time.

And this part I thought was rather funny…

I think I must have Icelandic ancestry – I haven’t researched it, this is completely unofficial, I just feel very at home there. Or, the further north I go the more at home I feel. I went to Hawaii in the spring and I thought “this is paradise, why don’t we all live here” but I confessed to myself that I don’t belong in a tropical environment. I belong where there are mountains and snow and clear, crisp blue skies.

…given the whole Frost Giant thing! Hahahahaha. Maybe Hiddleston’s got Jotun ancestry.