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Jaimie Alexander’s (Sif) injury on the set of Thor 2 is not new news at this point, but I haven’t managed to get on here in a while and wanted to post it regardless. Here is an article from IGN on it.

If you’re interested you can follow her on Twitter, where she has posted some about her physical therapy and so forth.

There isn’t much detail, and that’s fine, I don’t need to know it.

But it makes you think. I have no idea what she was doing when the injury, whatever exactly it was, occurred, so allow me to abstract away from this specific incident for a moment. Actors do some crazy things for their jobs, especially in these kind of action-adventure-y movies. And I know (from interviews where I’m assuming I’m hearing truth) that they sometimes push themselves really into the realm of trained stunt doubles (who sometimes themselves get hurt!) because they want the shot to look real. And my normal reaction is “Bravo!” because like everybody else I’ve seen fight scenes where it was pretty obvious every single time you didn’t see the star’s face that was clearly not the star.

But, kind of like in sports where you cheer on the hard hits and then feel a bit guilty (at least I do) when someone actually gets hurt, this incident in particular made me think more broadly about actors doing their own stunts and wondering how often they push themselves really beyond what is safe for them to be doing. And as I said, I’m not questioning Jaimie Alexander here, for all I know she slipped on a banana peel on a staircase and fell. And accidents can happen in any job, even if it’s just tripping on your way to your cubicle. Anyway, this has just been on my mind ever since I heard it, not far on the heels of word that Robert Downey, Jr. was injured on the set of Iron Man 3. (There are tons of articles on this but here’s one from CNN.)

Warm thoughts to all the actors out there who will never read this (ha!) — thank you for your commitment to your work…but do be safe!