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This interview with Tom Hiddleston from Den of Geek is older, from January 2012, but I just came across it recently (so many gems out there) and it has some things I haven’t seen elsewhere.

He outlines his career (through Avengers and War Horse). Here’s an excerpt related to Thor:

So I went off to do Archipelago, but at the same time I’d already been cast in Thor. And I really credit Ken with more than I can really articulate, because it’s a tough business, and there are so many people in it, and it’s very, very competitive, and Ken was the first person who was brave enough to say that I could be trusted with a big movie. A film like Thor costs $150 million, and studios are careful about who they pick. And I’ll always, always, forever be in my debt to him for that. It was a massive, massive break he gave me.

He talks about working with Steven Spielberg on War Horse, and I thought this quote was particularly evocative:

As an eight-year-old, I wanted to be Indiana Jones: a man, in a hat, on a horse, with John Williams playing the theme tune. And, suddenly I’m in a hat, on a horse, and John Williams is playing the theme tune!

Then there’s some good stuff on transitioning Loki from Thor to Avengers. And this is the first I ever heard that Loki’s longer (AKA evil crazy dude greasy) hair was Hiddleston’s idea!

It’s like meeting an old friend after years of not having seen them. Coming back to play Loki, having played F Scott Fitzgerald, Captain Nicholls and Freddie Page in the interim, it was like meeting an old friend. But also, having the confidence that I’d already spent six months inhabiting him. I’d already built the house, I just had to move back in, and redecorate. And the thrill of changing him… I remember saying, “Let’s make his hair longer”.

Working with Alexandra Byrne, who was the costume designer again, saying let’s take the regality of the lost prince of Asgard, and make him a damaged pirate, so there’s evidence of some kind of experience beyond what happens at the end of Thor. And then talking with Joss about his evolved psychology and how, in the space between the end of Thor and the beginning of The Avengers, Loki has gone through a whole bunch of stuff which will register on his mind and on his body and will change who he has to become. It’s really exciting!

Wouldn’t you love to hear Hiddleston’s theory on what exactly Loki went through between the two films???

And then, well, Hiddleston being Hiddleston, he goes and makes me want to read The Odyssey. But somehow I think it would be much more interesting to listen to him tell the story than to just read it from the book.

Check out the full interview for more…but be warned. You may come away wanting to read massive ancient Greek tales.