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Can’t remember if I came across this on Twitter or elsewhere, but this article from Marvel.com has an interesting interview with Thor/Avengers visual development supervisor Charlie Wen on developments in Loki’s clothing from Thor to Avengers. Interesting how he went to efforts to reflect the changes in Loki’s character in his clothing.

As far as character designs that were practical, he was my favorite one to redesign this time around. [Director] Joss [Whedon] wanted Loki to seem like he travelled to places we don’t know of–he’s changed since we last saw him in “Thor.” The metals on his costume are more worn and scratched, and he’s darker. Because of that, we were able to treat his metal more like actual armor and make it feel like it’s been used. This was the first time we were able to do this with Loki, so it makes him look more authentic since he looks worn and not so brand new. There’s more culture to it.

And he says a good bit about the helmet, here’s one bit on that:

Marvel.com: What was it about his helmet that you feel gave him such a menacing silhouette?

Charlie Wen: A lot of that comes from the gesture of his horns, the curve that comes outwards towards you but curves back towards him. That gesture is pretty aggressive at the beginning, then curves down towards his spine. It does more of a whiplash thing towards the audience or whoever he’s looking at. It’s already a type of in-your-face thing. For me, that was the biggest part of his initial read, to make sure that gesture came across.

I didn’t notice the helmet was any different. But then I’m terrible with visual stuff like that, subtlety will go right over my head. But I like the concept. Loki has become rather in-your-face! There are two concept drawings in the article also worth a look if this is interesting at all to you. I’m just looking at the horns and wondering how poor Tom Hiddleston held his head upright!