OK, this is hilarious. And weird. And a bit sad! The Svartalfheim thing is well-known now I think for anyone following Thor 2, but the casting call for, one supposes, the Dark Elves and maybe Einherjar guards and who knows who else, just, wow. Here’s one example from this article from Screenrant.com:

Girls with “Hot Bodies” to be extras for major movie

  • This is for a new major action movie shooting in London in September.
  • If you fit the brief please apply on line with a photo that shows your full body. (Bikini or underwear)
  • Must have “Hot Body” by that we mean attractive figure and you are comfortable wearing bikini or skimpy costume on set.
  • Aged between 18 and 35
  • Dress size between 6 and 12
  • Any ethnicity
  • Be generally available in September in London

Well, ladies, never fear, if you’re too old or don’t have a “hot body” or aren’t comfortable running around in a “skimpy costume on set,” maybe this one’s for you:

Extreme looking men and women

  • We are also looking for people with an unusual and interesting look/character. For Example Facial scars, Facial Birthmarks, Teeth missing, Facial disfigurement, Heavy facial piercings, Strong characterful faces, Weathered looking, Large Ears, Large Noses, Ugly, Bits missing etc
  • You can be of any Ethnicity
  • Be generally available between August – November and able to work in London & the South East of England

“Ugly” is a nice catch-all. I wonder which “bits” they’d like to have “missing”? Glad to know at least all ethnicities are welcome among both the hot-bodied and the “extreme looking.”

Anyway, check out the full article for more examples (you can also get some clues about the characters in the movie maybe!). I guess this is what casting calls look like for the background players!