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I’m almost too excited to post this one (and I PROMISE I’ll get back to the Scene Notes soon!). I can’t WAIT for the deleted scenes, commentaries, etc. which the Avengers DVD will have…and here’s an early treat!

As the Entertainment Weekly site puts it, this scene gets at the existential question of double-identity superheroes — who’s the real person? It’s a nice character moment for Banner (and Mark Ruffalo who I thought was utterly phenomenal in this movie, a real scene stealer), and another particularly funny line for Harry Dean Stanton.

I can imagine that scene would have felt a bit long if the full thing were included in the movie…and I have to say Stanton’s line reading of “Well, then, son, you’ve got a condition,” is absolutely priceless and quite likely the right place to end the scene. One feature I’d love to see on Blu-Rays would be the ability to kind of check off deleted/extended scenes to make your own “director’s cut” — a “viewer’s cut.” Then you could see for yourself how it would play with that version!