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I watched Thor last night for, oh, somewhere around the 13th-14th time. Hard to say since I’ve also watched isolated segments of it so many times too. But what I find fascinating is that every single time I watch I notice something I’ve never noticed before. Really, every single time. Maybe all movies are like this, I don’t know. I’ve never seen any movie this many times, certainly not over a relatively short time. (I mean, I’ve of course seen things like The Sound of Music and The Wizard of Oz many times, but this is spread over all of childhood, maybe just a few times in adulthood.)

So, last night, I really noticed — in the sense that I really thought about it for the first time — Thor’s “Thank you, Jane,” in their roof scene after she’s fallen asleep. It’s kind of a nice moment, because if you think about it, what’s just happened in that scene is he’s comforted her, reassured her, encouraged her to not give up on her work or lose hope. So why is he thanking her?

The most obvious thing she’s done for him is convince Erik to go get Thor sprung from the SHIELD facility. But that really doesn’t seem likely to be what he’s thanking her for. Here are some other ideas —

  • He’s thinking big picture, thanking her for everything she’s done for him since he arrived on Earth…or at least since she quit hitting him with her car. She has taken him in, trusted him, cared for him. She is all he has in this life now that his father is dead and he can never return to his home, will never see his family or friends ever again.
  • He’s thinking about how she’s shared a nice quiet evening with him that’s allowed him to focus on her and not on himself after quite possibly the worst day in his entire life. He needed that, and he’s going to need that moving forward because he has to make a new life for himself now.
  • He’s thinking about how her interest in the cosmos has allowed him to reflect positively on his father and on his home, to share with her as his father shared with him the workings of the “world tree,” and probably other things as the night went on (off-camera). She has given him a chance to remember these things and to share them, in a positive light instead of through guilt and grief.

Actually, the third idea — or something along those lines, I may not be capturing it entirely accurately — was suggested by the friend I watched Thor with, her first viewing. I liked that idea. I do think all three are plausible, and probably there are other possibilities, too. Now I’ll have to wait until Chris Hemsworth stops by so I can ask him (!). Ken Branagh could probably tell me too. However, he is no more likely to stop by than Hemsworth, I’m afraid.

The other thing I noticed for the first time — at last! — is a Loki tear. I’ve read so many comments here and there online about Loki having a tear in his eye in one scene or another and have never seen it. Until last night, during the final confrontation with Thor, in one particular shot, I could make out a tear/tear trail down Loki’s face. I will have to watch it again to see when it appears. The tear definitely adds another emotional layer. Looking forward to checking it out again…maybe tonight! And the ironic thing…when I mentioned this to my first-time viewing friend, she immediately said she had noticed the tear! Maybe I need to watch every movie 13-14 times…who know what I’ve been missing!