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Scene 7: Asgard; Bifrost observatory

Another set issue caught my eye here as this scene gets underway. There are no guardrails on this bridge. Ummm…that strikes me as a safety hazard.

Costuming: Loki isn’t wearing the same outfit here as he was during the would-be coronation. But all the others are? Or are they not? Honestly I wasn’t able to make myself put due diligence into this — so often characters are only in close-up or are darkly lit or are shown in quick cuts. If you have the costuming answers, let me know! If you’re trying to apply some kind of timeline of developments here, it may be helpful to know whether they’ve changed clothes!

Speaking of costuming, Idris Elba as Heimdall looks outstanding, very cool. There is a later shot of him that I think is just breathtaking.

So out near the observatory, you can see that there’s sunlight on one side, and then like space a little further out. So what *is* Asgard?

There is so much going on here in this short-short-short interaction among the characters just outside the observatory.

Loki steps up in front and wants to take charge. He wants to do things his way — spin a little tale, avoid the truth and manipulate Heimdall into doing what he wants.

Heimdall isn’t buying it.

Thor has no patience for this indirect, lying method and puts himself right back in charge: “Enough!” He interrupts Loki and positions himself in front of Loki. Loki looks like he’s biting his tongue but plays the dutiful younger brother and stays behind Thor with downcast eyes, definitely a submissive posture.

So Thor’s way works, and still Loki lingers. Is he trying to delay? He doesn’t like Volstagg laughing at him — although it’s likely good-natured Loki feels insulted — Thor pulled rank on him and went straight to the point and got his way even though that meant defying Odin. Loki may have thought they’d never get through; after all Heimdall actually shouldn’t have let them pass, this is a gutsy move on Heimdall’s part. But again, how easy would it be here for Hiddleston to go for the evil glare at Volstagg’s comment? But it’s very subtle, you can tell he’s a bit miffed, he isn’t smiling or going along with the joke.

It’s very fortunate for the audience that Volstagg didn’t know how the bridge worked and asked “Couldn’t you just leave the bridge open for us?” Unluckily for me it took 3-4 viewings to catch the meaning of what Heimdall was saying here.

On a particularly weird note, Heimdall gives us here one of the very few “t” sounds in “JoTunheim.” Thor gives us one at one point too.

In general, I really like the Heimdall character. He’s very minimally developed in terms of character detail and yet you feel you know something about him — I guess I chalk that up to a combo of good writing/directing/acting. Elba particularly later has some lines that are just filled with the character of Heimdall though the words are few…like for example: “Yes.” You feel like Heimdall would be one cool dude to sit down and have a long talk with. He takes his job very seriously — he is defying Odin’s orders because he failed to keep out the Frost Giants and wants that fixed.

I liked the “sucked forward” effect when Our Heroes get pulled into the bifrost. But…they’re sucked in face or I guess chest-first, then they’re flying through it head-first, and then they land feet-first. How exactly does that work? Do they reposition themselves as they go like on Gravitron or a waterslide…or are they magically re-oriented to the most helpful position?

Oh, and the helmets. Why aren’t they wearing helmets when they go to battle? That’s what helmets are for, aren’t they? Maybe things are different on Asgard.