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Scene 5: Asgard, Weapons vault; the destroyer in action, Thor & Odin argue

At the first exterior shot of the weapons vault, I have one question: how does one get to this thing? It looks to me like it’s just kind of hanging there in space or something. Am I missing something?

I really like the set itself though, the interior. It’s dark and moody but you can still see stuff. The wall in front of the Destroyer is nice texture and its morph in/out effect is cool. The stairs look cool and also give a lot of interesting texture.

Oh, and as for the various whatever-they-are’s that are also in the vault…I was never into comics so I don’t know anything about that and it holds no interest for me. Cool inclusion for the comic fans, though, and done perfectly so as not to distract non-comics fans.

It’s true though that it wasn’t until I think the 3rd viewing that I really understood what was going on there during the FG attack. And maybe even the 4th before I connected the metal dude here with the metal dude later — here he looks much smaller I think. Maybe I’m just a dunce, entirely possible. As I said before, I don’t do well with the fast-cut fight scenes.

This is a great scene though, the one that really kicks off the drama of the film and where things get set in motion. (Of course, we find out later Loki has already set things in motion, and then there’s what set Loki in motion, but let’s say from Thor’s perspective this is where it all begins.)

Here’s a thought: if you think you might be headed off to fight some FGs…maybe the helmets ought to stay on. Isn’t that what they’re for? But Odin, Thor, and Loki didn’t seem poised for battle here anyway, maybe Odin already knew all was well. No other guards are around.

Loki is pretty impenetrable during this argument. What is he thinking, folks? Just waiting and watching, hoping Odin’s going to add, “And about that whole coronation thing, maybe we’ll just wait on that a bit since you’re so hot-headed”? Loki has almost made himself a shadow here, he doesn’t speak up at all, just watches with raised eyebrows, listening, thinking.

Odin seems so sad in this scene (love Hopkins’s kind of understated, calm deliveries). I wonder, does Odin know something’s up? Could he suspect someone may have let the FGs in?

But what I think makes this scene work SO well is that it’s an argument in which neither side is really wrong. It doesn’t feel like they’re arguing merely because the plot requires it. Both positions are understandable, and logical from the characters espousing them. Although we are meant to see Odin’s as the rational, wise response, Thor’s also makes perfect sense — would you want the beginning of your rule to be marked by a clear sudden vulnerability to an attack from your long-time sworn enemies? Laufey has broken a truce, although I guess at this point they can’t know for sure whether Laufey is involved. Hemsworth is at the perfect level of incredulity at what Thor sees as his father’s dangerous pacifism in the face of an attack, given the point he has to get to later.

Anyway, another good lesson for writers of all stripes, I think.

Favorite lines:

Thor: He just broke your truce!

(Because the delivery is so good, his degree of animation vs. Odin’s stillness…and because he’s correct!)

Odin: “But you’re not king. Not yet.”

(Because the delivery is so darn good, and not the obvious thing you’d expect. Perfect quiet don’t-mess-with-me strength that is still voice-of-reason vice anger.)