This is just a bit of explanation in case anyone reads the posts to follow and wonders what the heck I’m doing.

The following posts reflect notes I’ve been taking in my latest…uh, somewhere around 10th or 11th…viewing ofThor on Blu-Ray. It’s slow-going, lots of pausing and writing. I will refer to “Scene 1” etc., but this doesn’t correspond to what would be in the script necessarily, just my layman’s means of breaking up the movie into logical chunks.

The notes are sort of reviews, but not entirely. Reactions is a better term. Sometimes I’m appreciating staging or a camera movement or a line delivery, other times I’m quoting my favorite line, other times I’m citing my opinion on a line or plot device that doesn’t quite work, or wondering for example what that round thingee prop is that Jane’s got. In other words there may be some rambling involved. You should see the original notes.

I do hope to get comments so this isn’t purely a monologue. I’m very curious to hear if other big fans agree, disagree, or can answer a question I’ve posed.

If I can figure out how to make it happen I’d like to post some polls too, asking, “What is Character X thinking in this exact moment?” Because that’s one of the things I’m so often pressing pause for and asking myself. Of course, I know that question is really “What is Actor X thinking as his/her character, with possible input from Ken Branagh, in this exact moment?” In my dreams I get to ask the actors, especially Tom Hiddleston, whose Loki is so enigmatic. In some places I think I’ve got him fully figured out and am quite confident what he’s thinking, and in other places I’m just not sure. (And I know Hiddleston would have good answers, because he speaks so eloquently about characterization.) But until that happens (!), perhaps I can poll some fellow mildly-to-frighteningly obsessed viewers.

All right then…onward!